Playing to Win

This is a podcast that explains why every person is better off playing to win instead of playing not to lose in life and business

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084 - The Sartorial Shooter

Thursday May 11, 2023

Thursday May 11, 2023

Rich and Joule talk about chasing excellence, Islam, Cars, and the Tates situation. Joule aka The Sartorial Shooter is a former soldier with 15 years experience in the private security sector in the Middle East. He recently started speaking publicly to defend his good friends the Tate Brothers, who he spent significant time with over the past five years

Thursday Apr 20, 2023

Dan Martell, ( SaaS founder and successful entrepreneur, author of "buy back your time" joins me to talk about his journey and new book. The School of Entrepreneurship opens for enrollment at the end of April, learn more here: https://the-school-of-entrepreneurshi...

Thursday Apr 06, 2023

Jay Campbell joins me today to talk about optimizing your health with a DNA analysis & peptides. Subscribe & hit 'notify me' to watch live For Peptides Visit: Use 'Rich15' for 15% off your order DNA Analysis:

080 - Gonzalo Lira

Friday Mar 31, 2023

Friday Mar 31, 2023

Gonzalo (formerly coach red pill) and I catch up to discuss some matters that effect society in todays climate. We'll talk about his new book, what's happening in Ukraine, the red pill, his former CRP content, and much more.

Sunday Feb 26, 2023

Sulaiman Ahmed joins me to review what's been going on with Andrew & Tristian Tates incarceration, and the recent hit piece by BBC. You can follow Sulaiman on Twitter here:

Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

Dr. Anthony Jay returns for another podcast with me, bringing new material on his work identifying environmental estrogens that make men fat, sick, infertile, and talks about the value of a DNA analysis to improve quality of life.

Thursday Jan 12, 2023

Lets wrap up 2022 with a Q&A, and lean into 2023. Bring any question you have.

075 - Andrew Tate

Monday Jan 09, 2023

Monday Jan 09, 2023

It's been a few years... Andrew Tate returns for round 3 on my podcast.

Monday Nov 28, 2022

George Gammon joins me to catch up on the state of the economy, and what he thinks the elites psychotic plans are, and how to win with what is coming.


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